Wednesday, July 16, 2014

St. Louis, Part II

Friday was the day of the rehearsal so I didn't want to wear everyone out too much. We went to see Jonathan and his "office" at the brewery and then had the opportunity to "meet" a Clydesdale. I am pretty sure Blaire's camera has the better picture of all of us. For those of you who don't know and are UGA fans, the Clydesdales are like Uga's. In order to be on the Clydesdale team, you have to be born with four white legs just as Uga has to be an all white bulldog.

This guy outside was a bit younger so we weren't allowed to pet him. They basically screen them and their personalities before they put them on the team.
After this we headed over to the "Biergarten" for some yummy lunch and yes, beer. I believe Blaire took some pictures during lunch but I didn't so...
Then we went inside and climbed all over this truck. Kyle was in love.

The kids were worn out after our fun morning and lunch and so was we went back to the house to rest. Josh was awesome and watched the kids while Blaire and I went to the church for the rehearsal. She and I were both lectors. And then we went back by the house to pick them up for the dinner, which was delicious! Lasagna...YUMMY with toasted ravioli for appetizers. Again, if ever in St. Louis, get some toasted ravioli, along with St. Louis pizza, Ted Drewes custard and Gooey Butter Cake...oh my yumminess. Below are pictures of the Bascilica, taken with my phone so it doesn't do it justice and then little Kyle all dressed up.

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