Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Long Awaited "First"

Along with the first week of school, we also had another first in the family. And this one has been a long time coming for our little guy. Time and time again he has watched Daddy and Brice walk out the door to either baseball practice or a game. Even though we always go to Brice's games, Brice and Justin leave before us so that Brice can take batting practice and warm up. This means Kyle stands at the door while they put their shoes on, and then he cries while they pull away.

Last season, when Brice was on the Cubs, Kyle had his very own jersey and wanted to wear it just about everyday. We were not going to sign him up to play until fall because 1) I wasn't ready to have three kids in activities just yet, 2) I think three is too young, and a young three at that and 3) he is technically too young to play anyway. But then the director of the park emailed Justin and said they needed one more coach and one more player for Rookie Tee Ball and with that all of Kyle's dreams came true. He picked the team name, the Braves and wore his cleats around the house for 24 hours. He even cleans them off when he gets home from practice. This boy is in his element.  And so, here are some pictures from his first practice.

 This picture warms my heart so much. Big brother helping little brother. Brice is so good with little kids. Patient and kind, I think he loves helping out too.

 Kyle was so good about staying on his "safety cone" as Justin named them. Below, Kyle is telling his teammate to stay on his cone!

My sweet little ballplayer is so excited to be out there. He talks about practice and wearing his cleats all week long before Saturday at 9am arrives! He may completely flip when the uniforms arrive!