Friday, August 22, 2014

Celebrating Kyle, "Thomas the Train" Style

We finally had Kyle's birthday party on August 10th. I felt really bad putting it off this long but we were trying to fit everyone's schedules and even still, my mom wasn't able to make it because she was in St. Louis taking care of her dad. However, this was the day after his first practice so he had a pretty kick-ass weekend!

Surprisingly, Kyle chose a Thomas the Train themed party over a "Cars" party. He has LOVED Lightning McQueen for about a year now but I asked him over and over and he always answered Thomas! It was just family and it was fun because Kyle was very excited and couldn't wait for his cake and to see everyone. I went pretty simple with the food and just did some wraps from Publix, chips, fruit and veggies and tea and lemonade.

I love celebrating my kiddos and their birthdays and even though this was simple and small, I still enjoyed seeing Kyle's joy at everyone being there to celebrate him!

 Cheeeessse! and below he is saying, "I'm threeee!"

Refreshment break before opening gifts.
 A little help from big sister on the first card.

 No McQueen themed party BUT, he still requested the wrapping paper. :)
 Thomas the Train underwear!!! Thanks, Grandma and Grandad! He also got a new pair of Thomas jammies, Curious George and Clifford books.
 This was his big gift from us. A track and Thomas train.

 Thanks Nana and Pa for the "Thomas outside chair"!

One more track for extra fun with the train "Dart". He also got several other trains from Nana and Pa, Gordon, Henry, and Toby.

This last picture was included because of the card. When you open it, it sings Happy Birthday and then you can "blow out" the candles. It's so cool and Kyle loves it! He is now officially 3!!!!

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Pa said...

I can't believe the K-Man is three! How are all my grandkids getting so old?