Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kyle's First Trophy

I realize the past few, maybe four, posts have been about Kyle. I do still have the other two children around. However, Brice has long been over me taking pictures of him and Anna, well, she takes a long time explain! Kyle, he's easy. And, it's been a big fall for him. Actually, I was thinking the other day I am due for a post per child. Just typing up some day to day memories to always have about each child. And, Anna is about to have a big moment in her life, so she and Brice are VERY overdue for their own post.

All that to say, last Saturday, Kyle Patrick Reynolds hit the mother load when it comes to end of the season trophies. Granted, there was no winning or losing during this season. This was a pure "participation trophy" which my and Justin's generation has come to hate. However, Kyle is in Brice's room quite a bit, almost drooling over all of his trophies and wondering when he will get one of his own. Well, his wait is over. After his last game, we walked a few feet up to the picnic tables and had some ice cream with his team and Justin handed out trophies. These kids were just so cute this season and there will never be anything like watching a three year old play baseball. That big old helmet that makes them look like a bobble head and the shy smiles when they get a great hit and get to slide into the bases. Just. Too. Cute.

 He would NOT put his tongue back in his mouth for me to take a picture. What is it with boys??
And, yes, that is my other son standing behind Kyle in a Cardinals uniform. Woot! Woot!

Tapping home plate before getting in his batting stance. He has seen a few games, folks.

Not only did the boys receive a trophy, they also received a Mill Creek baseball shirt AND their pennant. They loved all of it!
 Running out to get his shirt from Justin. Justin presented the boys with their shirts.
 The best picture I have ever taken of Kyle...

His first trophy presentation by none other than his own daddy!

And, there it is, baseball fans. Kyle's first season in the books. Yes, the trophy is sitting on his dresser right where he can see it as he drifts off to sleep each night. The boy loves baseball. Go Braves!

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