Friday, September 26, 2014

His First Game

Kyle had his first game on Sept. 10th. And, yes I am way behind on this blog and updating. Sorry! But, I have to say, this game was so very incredibly cute. Kyle was super excited! He identifies with being a boy so much now and doesn't even like for Anna and I to ride with them over to the ballpark. He wants it to be just "the boys". The game is simple, no score is kept. They bat through the line up twice alternating sides after half their team bats. Then they sprint to the field! One hour, no batting cages. Easy and fun and boy do those kiddos love running the bases!

 Brice announced the boys' names over the PA system. Some of the boys were confused by it but all the moms loved it!!

 Best part...the snack afterwards.
And now for your viewing pleasure, "Now batting, #10, Kyle Reynolds!!!!"

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