Friday, May 15, 2015

Cinderella And Friends

This year Anna's performance was on May 2, my Grandma's birthday which is so fitting because my Grandma loved dance! And, she really loved tap and this was Anna's first year of tap so it just made my heart happy knowing this love of dance had been passed down three times over. Oh and if that didn't make it a girly enough day (read: NO baseball), Princess Kate went and had a baby PRINCESS!!! EEk! Ok, I'm slightly obsessed with the royal family, ridiculous, I know but I am and don't care.

Back to Anna. This year's performance was titled "Cinderella And Friends" which was a little different. Not as much as a story line as her previous performances but still fun to see. And, of course all the little ballerinas were just in awe of the older girls playing the Disney princesses. Anna had two different dances, one for ballet and one for tap. For ballet, her class was Fairy Godmother's Magical Pumpkins and for tap, they were "Olaf" who is the snowman from Frozen. (Explaining that for my sweet Uncle Bud, who turns 95 on Sunday!!! and while up on most of his current facts, he probably hasn't seen Frozen!) All of the costumes were incredible this year which made me so happy because I did not care for last year's.

Anna did a wonderful job in her two performances and I love seeing her onstage. She was so excited the morning of and I was happy to see that. I took her down to the theatre, just the two of us, and we sang along to Taylor Swift and just made it a fun girly time. Hair, makeup, costume, singing and dancing and performing!

 There are more in her Olaf costume which was driving her crazy, itching her, because that dance came after the pumpkin dance. And, the stuffed Olaf, she just HAD to have. She spotted it after her dress rehearsal in Cracker Barrel and I told her she could ask for this over flowers. Daddy spoiled her anyway and got her both.
 Brice took this picture and cut the top of my head off, good thing he is so good at so many other things!

It was a beautiful, GIRLY day!!! I just love her ballet studio and know how hard they work to produce these shows. We now have the DVD for anyone's viewing pleasure...Anna can be found in the basement watching it every chance she gets!

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