Monday, January 16, 2017

Kyle Turns Four

Kyle is about to be 5.5 but I have to blog about when he turned four (7/31/15). We were at the beach so I planned to have a little party there, Lightning McQueen style. I ordered the cake from the beach Publix and everything. He just loved it! He thought it was just the best to celebrate his birthday at. the. beach. Our kids are not short on being spoiled on their birthdays. Brice and Kyle have now celebrated one at the beach and Anna turned five while at Disney World. Rotten kids!

The rest of these pictures were taken with my camera so the quality is a little better. Kyle was a fun four year old. He is always up for a good time and loved celebrating himself! Ha. He is a lot like Brice though and likes to celebrate with those he is closest too, his family.

Now that I look back on these pictures as I post them, I realize this was the last year of that baby face and chubbiness. He still has some pretty kissable cheeks but man I will miss that "chubb"! Happy 4th Birthday, Kyle! So happy you were able to be at the beach on your birthday!

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