Thursday, January 15, 2009


We have been home a week now and we are adjusting to having two kids at home. I am always feeling guilty for not being with one or the other. I guess this is just part of it, huh? Anna had a good check-up at the doctor on Tuesday as far as her health goes. We are seriously considering switching pediatricians after what happened just to put all of this behind us. Justin and I both felt that there really wasn't sympathy for what happened. I mean, my gosh, I had to perform CPR on my two week old and they didn't even say "Sorry this happened to you!". Thank God I am a nurse and knew what to do and that I was with her at the time of the occurence. I will try and write the whole story out soon when I have some extra time, yeah, right??!! Anyway, thank you all for your continued prayers for our family and Anna's health. Justin and I are still trying to heal emotionally as well as with the sleep deprivation. One day we are going to go on vacation again, ALONE!

Before I had Anna we told Brice we would take him to Disney World this spring/summer so I guess I should plan that trip before Justin and I take a trip. I think Brice deserves it after watching his mother labor and almost deliver in the car and then enduring ten days of shuffling with the grandparents. Okay, Brice is trying to get my attention so I am going to go now. Plus, little feisty Anna will be up any minute for lunch. I am going to work on posting pictures soon as well.

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