Friday, January 30, 2009

Thanks, Dr. Seuss!

Lately we have been watching a lot of movies. Normally, I don't let Brice have a lot of "screen time" because he has such a wonderful imagination and I think he should use it! Anyway, he received a couple of new movies for Christmas and so we've been watching them. Also, we joined Netflix so that we're not spending a fortune at Blockbuster every week. He really enjoys getting movies in the mail and looks forward to seeing the mail truck when he knows one may be on the way. So, one of the movies we've watched at least 20 times since we brought Anna home from the hospital (the second time) is "Horton Hears a Who". This is a Dr. Seuss movie about an elephant, Horton, who is trying to get Who-ville to safety because Who-ville is the size of a spec. So, Horton comes to a bridge that he needs to cross and says, "Well, this is precarious.". I, of course, hear this but don't think anything of it.

So, since I think watching all these movies is rotting Brice's brain, I've decided that if it is not raining outside, then we are going out to play, no matter what the temperature. I mean, we have jackets for goodness sake. Yesterday was one of those days. Anna was sleeping and I asked Brice if he would like to go out and play. Yes, is always the answer. So, jackets on, and I put my gloves on, we head outside. Our backyard goes straight up. We have a couple of trees planted but they are staked in the ground. Brice decides he is going to climb up and hold on to the rope attached to one of the stakes. He is pretending to dig for gold with his golf club and is whacking the groud continously. I say to him, "Brice, why don't you take a break and come drink some water?".

"Okay, that's a great idea!", he says. As he is coming down the slippery pinestraw he looks at me and says, "WELL, THIS IS PRECARIOUS!". I couldn't believe it! My not even four year old just used an adult word in the right context!

Maybe watching all those movies isn't rotting his brain after all! So, thanks Dr. Seuss!

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gmcks said...

Nice...just when you thought they weren't listening......