Monday, April 27, 2009

Gala and other news

All dressed up for the Terry College of Business Awards Gala and Auction. It was fun to get dressed up and enjoy a nice dinner with my husband. Thanks to Jonathan for inviting us this year. The red shoes and purse are for my Grandpa. I told him I bought the shoes and he said I needed a purse to go with it. Such a fashion bug!

In other news, I am returning to work! Just four days a month and that's if they even need me. The census at work has been low (60's, when normally in the 90's). So, we shall see how it all goes. I'm excited to go back! It's been almost five months! Hope I remember what to do ;)


Lauren said...

Glad you got a 4-day!!! Hopefully, the low numbers will give you even more time off :)

TheReynoldsFam said...

I'm glad for me that you are coming back!! I haven't seen you yet. 4 days sounds fab! I do 1 day a week and sometimes more if they need me and I can do it, and I love it! We will probably never see each other b/c we will both never be there--I always work Thursdays, so you should too!