Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ponytailed Assistant

Justin has a new assistant. She is short. She talks a her own language. She is really good at making the copier work. She also is a flirt. Should I be worried?She sticks her tush out too when a copy is coming out of the machine.
But...I am not worried. Why? Well, because this assistant has some wild hair. She needs to get her hair did...and I know just the lady to do it. She is on the phone with her now!
"Excuse me, Mommy? Can you do something with my rat's nest?"
Why, of course I can! And look how cute she looks with a little "do".
Pulled back away from her face so she can concentrate on those phone calls.
Awww...the last assistant (who had to leave his position for sports, getting dirty and paleontology) really likes the new do.
Our little Ponytailed Assistant!

1 comment:

Kelly said...

The ponytail is too cute. I love it! Looks like Brice is moving up in the world :-)