Monday, April 26, 2010

Things To Do

Everyday after school, we play outside. Immediately. Brice takes his school bag in, goes to the bathroom, gets a drink and then we are outside for at least the next two hours usually. So, as you can imagine sometimes we run out of Things To Do. Last week though, we...

...tried to teach Anna how to roll the ball BACK to Brice, instead of just toddling off with it saying "ba, ba, ba".We also set up rocks on the garbage can so he could shoot them with his water gun.

And, finally, Brice collected every leaf in the yard and brought it in. So, it became a pretty display for a few days.

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Janna said...

a bucket of water and some plastic cups kept a certain 3 yr old I know busy for hours the other day...bubbles are always good too