Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweet Boy

Below is just a little background information about the sweet ending to the story. 99.9% of the time I think Brice is a wonderful kid who is smart, funny and a great person. He has always been a very sweet kid and I have had trouble dealing with him lately.

He has a pretty bad attitude sometimes and speaks to me with disrespect. It is my fault I know for not putting him in his place but at the same time he is still driving me crazy. And so, last night was no different. He is wanting to learn to read and so some nights, I will practice with him. Our latest has been "Go, Dog, Go". Great book. Who doesn't like it? Anyway, about three nights ago, he read me the first half of the book, so last night he wanted to read the WHOLE book. We got a little over half way through and I could tell he was very tired and just not concentrating well. I told him, next time, we'll do the whole thing but for now it was time for bed. He was NOT happy with me. Begging, pleading, crying, whining. So, I told him, "good night, see you in the morning.". Next thing I know he is downstairs,

"Brice, it's time for bed, please go back upstairs"- in an annoyed voice

"Mom, I just had to come down here for that yellow paper".

I have no idea what he is talking about and just turn back to my computer.

"Just go to bed, Brice."

He goes upstairs only to return about two minutes later.

"What, Brice?"-again very annoyed.

"Did you get it?", he asks.

"Get what?"

"The yellow piece of paper. It was for you."

"Oh, I said, I thought you came down for a piece of paper and took it back to your room. Okay, I'll get it."

I walk over to the fruit basket and there is a tiny piece of yellow paper with the word "Love" written on it. Guilt. Tears in my eyes. I felt so bad. And then I hear him from upstairs, "Did I spell it right?"

"Yes, buddy, you spelled it right, thank you very much that was so sweet of you."

Such a Sweet Boy, after all!


Janna said...

Stab you in the heart why doesn't he....kids
So sweet one minute and little devils the next.

Christie said...

I just cried! That is so sweet!!

Justin said...
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Rachel said...

That's precious!

Lauren said...