Saturday, July 24, 2010

Charlotte...In Pictures

We had the best time this past week for a couple of days in Charlotte. Got to spend time with ones we love a whole lot. The kids did great traveling. It is late and we are headed to the beach in the morning. Check back and I'll add some captions to these pictures soon. For now, enjoy, Charlotte, In Pictures.Anna in her life jacket for the first time. She did really well.
Below, Brice playing on the "Bud" island. He loved jumping onto this off of the dock.
Brice and Aunt Blaire getting ready for some tubing.
Blaire couldn't get a picture of us because Brice was sinking in the tube. I told him "1,2,3, pop up!" and we did.
Uncle Josh and Anna. She liked knowing where he was at all times.
Go Cardinals.

Playing with her new Minnie Mouse purse from Uncle Josh. She also got Minnie shoes.
Playing Wii.
Brice bowled, golfed and played baseball. He enjoyed golf the most.
Picking veggies in the garden.
Trying to get me to eat a hot pepper.
A flower bouquet from "Jaahh" (Josh)

"knock, knock". Anna wants in.

At the pool with Aunt Deb. Anna found these sunglasses and couldn't put them down.
Explanation on how to use a snorkel. We were at the store three days later to get Brice his own snorkel, mask and flipper set.

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