Friday, July 9, 2010

The Zoo

This post is pretty self explanatory. On Wednesday we went to the zoo. Brice has been asking to go for a while now so I convinced my mom to come sweat with us and the stinky animals! The flamingos were the smelliest. We had a nice time and there is actually more shade there than I remember. We were out of there by 12:15pm when it was really heating up. Had a fun time and appreciate my mom going with us so I had an extra set of hands!
Warthogs...very hot and sleepy.
Two meerkats.

A thirsty giraffe.
Brice, Grandma and Willie B.
This dudes arms just fascinated me. Looks like he's been pumping iron.

Looking at the Sun Bears.
They are new to Zoo Atlanta by three weeks. They got them from the zoo is Columbus, Ohio.

Looking at the bears from a different window.
Anna had so much fun just running on the paths.
And as for Brice's favorite, the panda bears.

My little joey.

I am thinking this zebra is enjoying the zoo life, looks like he/she has been eating too much.
On the "choo choo".
Brice is now acting like all the different animals we saw. Soon, I may start charging!


Justin said...

Could they look more EXACTLY alike than in that last picture on the train?

Kelly said...

Ha! They do look alike. Love the pics. And I'm so excited they got bears! The last time I went they didn't have bears and then I had to hear from Greg about how much better the San Diego zoo was and yada, yada, yada. It was that long ago that I've been. Greg and I were dating the first time around. Ha!