Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend!

We had a wonderful time celebrating birthdays and the Fourth of July this past weekend. On Saturday we had the Reynolds crew up to our house. This was actually Larry's birthday and the day that our neighborhood set their fireworks off. Kelly and Greg were able to make it too which made me so happy because I hadn't seen Jack since I took care of him in the hospital. He is doing really well and is actually cutting his first tooth. He is way ahead of himself, I guess he'll want to head to kindergarten when he is still four! Anyway, Brice helped Justin out in the yard all morning on Saturday while Anna and I went to the grocery store for all the fixin's! Everyone came over about four-thirty/five for the fun to begin.

I tried to get a cute picture of the kids together this year but couldn't. Oh well.Anna was being silly though in her festive dress. Side note: I bought this dress at the end of last season at Kohl's for $1.80!!!! This is probably the best deal I've ever found as I am not a bargain hunter!
She is actually making this face for the camera, not crying!
Nothing says Fourth of July like a little TNT, burger buns and red and blue plates!
Anna got a new baby bottle to feed her babies. She makes a slurping sound when she puts it up to her mouth. Little momma.
Having Jack around was heaven for Anna. A real baby!! She wanted to know where he was at all times and was very interested in what he was up to!
And here is the cake Brice designed all by himself. It's red velvet for the holiday complete with a flag mad of icing on top!
Uncle Justin and Jack. This was the first time that Justin held Jack!
Brice is the sweetest and loves to make cards for everyone for their birthday. Happy Birthday, Pa! Love, Brice.
We got down to the fireworks spot very early. Justin was worried that someone would move our chairs. Not so much! Brice had fun though hanging out and getting ready.

Anna was really not in the mood to have her picture taken. It was already past her bedtime.
So, the fireworks were a hit with both kids. Anna kept saying "wow" and "boom"! Both kids were still awake at the end and crashed pretty hard.

I worked the actual holiday so when I got home we allowed Brice to get out of bed after putting them both down so he could do some sparklers. What a great weekend we had celebrating our country and independence!!!! HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY WEEKEND!!!


Katie and Dave said...

that is the cutest dress I have ever seen! love love love it! She is a doll!

Kelly said...

Love the pics! We had a great time! Greg got some REALLY cute pics of Justin on the couch with Brice, Anna and Jack. Anna is hilarious. She is just gazing at Jack. You can tell she is in baby heaven. Ha! :-) Brice just wants to know when we're having cake in the pics :-)