Thursday, November 11, 2010


My Apologies for not posting in a while. I have been in an emotional funk and if you look at the first two pictures, you will know why. This little girl has become just that. Sassy and whiny. I do realize that this time last week she probably didn't feel so well as her ear was still infected and we are now finishing up the third antibiotic. I am really praying that it works. In the mean time though, she has been voicing her opinions and exhibiting her independence. Can we say 2?? As in wearing her shoes to bed, changing her shirt three times a day, and wanting five million accessories on. I am dancing the fine line of "pick your battles" and "not letting your kid turn into a brat" Anyway, as far as blogging, I haven't really felt inspired. Brice has been a little whiny as well lately. Maybe it is all the Halloween candy working it's way out of their systems.

Do you see what I mean? Look at that face. And it gets meaner...believe it or not.
This is what I feel like doing to the two of them sometimes...
So, last night at the end of dinner, Justin made a comment about the way I was drawing up Anna's medicine and that was it. I could've marched out of the kitchen right then and there and taken a loooonnng drive, but I didn't. Instead, I have tried to adjust my attitude towards things and apologized for being short with everyone. And for the record, Justin has been super nice to me as well as helpful with the kids. He has a sixth sense about me and when I need some, or a lot, of back up! He swoops right in so that this mama doesn't eat her young. Thanks, sweetie!

This is the month of Thanks right?! Speaking of, I have had Brice write down everyday something he is thankful for. We are a few days behind but here is what we have so far...
1. crayons
2. fish
3. sweet potatoes
4. the beach
5. zoo
6. watching football
7. apples
8. art supplies

I am looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with my family in Charlotte and then coming home to open up the Christmas season!! I am not sure how I'm going to get Christmas cards done this year given that this happened a couple of days ago...Ouch, the concrete won.
Oh well...she still looks cute. Oh, and as for the princess chair serving as a booster seat, I just spent $40 on a nice "Cooshee" booster seat for her in a pretty raspberry color. She took it off last night and promptly put her princess chair up there.
Pick your battles, right?!


Robin said...

Glass of wine + bubble bath. Breathe in and out. Lock the bathroom door :-)

Christine and Bob said...

I feel your pain! I thought this stage was just my kid!James has recently turned into an early 2 year old.

Lauren said...

This made me laugh..partly b/c I've been going a little crazy myself these days. Needed to hear that I'm not the only one battling battles, time outs, and attitudes :) Deep breath... And then for work to call and ask me to pick up a shift tomorrow. Umm no! I'm going to try and catch a few minutes of the UGA/Auburn game and enjoy a few minutes to myself :) You too!

Kelly said...

Haha! When I saw the first pic, I thought "that's not a bad idea" when I saw the princess chair in her seat. You gotta give her credit for being comfy :-) And Brice's list cracks me up. I guess we all need to remember the little stuff we're thankful for. At least the kids is healthy. Mine would include Snickers, cookies, brownies...