Friday, November 19, 2010

The Kid

Often times, I will call Brice, "the kid". I am pretty sure this is what my Great Uncle Bud calls him too! So, what has The Kid been up to lately? I feel I am always blogging about sister instead.

Lately, Brice has been all about catching some lizards. There are twin girls across the street and they seem to be able to find them in large quantities. (I think more than one=large quantities when it comes to lizards). So, they will bring him lizards to "play with". And, he loves it. So much so that he had to bring this one in and set it next to me while I was on the computer.See? Large quantities. Can you find all five?
Kissing Lizards. Please excuse Brice's dirty nose and long fingernails. God Bless school teachers for dealing with gross kids is all I have to say!
And, in his spare time when not catching lizards, he has apparently been using my camera to take pictures. I found the following when I uploaded a bunch today.

Interesting, huh?

He is proud of this one. "See mom? She is looking through the window right at me!" I do hope Brice can find a girl to marry that adores him as much as Anna does.

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Janna said...

I do believe that is an insanely large amount of lizards...why are there so many? You have a very "nature" neighborhood but that still is alot of lizards...and they are sooo fast how do they catch them?