Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cups and Water

This is Anna.She loves to play with Cups and Water. Every morning.
Pouring. Transferring. Stirring. Drinking.

And, yes, she makes a huge mess but it entertains her for a good amount of time. And, yes, a water table is on her Christmas list!


whitneygolden said...

Cute! Tate plays with a water table at daycare and loves it.

Janna said...

Parker once played outside with a bucket of water and some cups and his firetruck for nearly 2 entertainment...and its just water

Kelly said...

So cute! And I can imagine the BIG mess. Is there really such a thing as a water table?? How did she grow into a little girl so fast!??

Christie said...

She and Joey should hang out! This is one of his favorite activities as well!