Friday, December 17, 2010

2-Year Stats

Anna had her 2-year check-up today and everything looks good.  Her weight is 25 lbs, 6oz. (35%) and her height is 36.25 inches (96%).  Don't be jealous, ladies, it will get you no where!  This makes her BMI 0%!!!  What?!  Anyway, the doctor was pleased with her growth and we can put her on 2% milk now instead of whole.  Nothing too exciting.  Had to get her finger pricked for a hemoglobin level and then two shots, ugh.  They are always changing the vaccines and now have a new and improved Prevnar out there.  So, lucky Anna was the recipient and not too happy about it!  She was however very pleased with her Santa and Belle stickers.

I just got home from Brice's school party and it was so fun remembering the last day before Christmas break.  They made four different crafts and then got to eat sugar cookies and chips.  Very exciting.  We are looking forward to the holiday break, including some sleeping in.  That is about it, just wanted to let everyone in on Anna's 2-Year Stats!

Just for fun, Brice was 30 lbs and 37.25 inches at two, which put him at 100% in both categories!

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Anonymous said...

Tall and thin, just like a model. She's a beautiful little girl.