Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mission Accomplished

As you can tell from these pictures, Brice is playing basketball this winter.  Today was the opening day for games and it was so fun to go and watch.  As a former basketball cheerleader, it was hard for me to not break into a cheer, seriously.  Brice played well once the first few minutes past.  He was VERY nervous right before the game started.  I am so excited for the season!  So that was our Saturday.

Friday afternoon (sorry, I'm going in reverse order here) we set out to find basketball shoes for Brice along with a couple other errands and then we went to Walmart.  What's the big deal about going to Walmart, you ask?  Well, we went to participate in Clark Howard's Christmas for Kids.  It was awesome and so easy.  Justin and I have been working really hard to get through to Brice about being grateful for things big and small and thought this might get through to him.  We were able to choose a list made by a foster child and buy him his wishes.  Brice helped pick out a bike and helmet, a hand held electronic game (we chose Tetris and now I'm dying to play again!) and then a gift card.  We hope our seven year old little boy is super surprised and pleased on Christmas morning when he wakes up!  It felt so good to give to someone who does not expect a nice Christmas and I thought Justin was going to cry right there in the toy aisle.  It was a good lesson for all of us that this season is about giving and loving.  I do believe we got through to Brice as he said when we got in the car, "You don't just have to give at Christmas time, do you, Dad?".  Mission Accomplished, I'd say.


Janna said...

Awesome, good for you! We have been drilling this into Parker about saying thank you...even if he opens a gift and it is not something he is terribly excited about. He is always polite. My MIL always takes him shopping for a gift for Toys For Tots...they are going on Wed. Important lesson indeed.

Kelly said...

Brice has always been such a thoughtful little boy because he comes from such thoughtful parents :-) So glad y'all did that. And bikes are always the best gifts! I still remember running down the stairs to see our new bikes with a big ol' "from Santa" tag on it.