Friday, January 7, 2011

Brice the Science Kid

Brice is Mr. Science.  He loves to learn about rocks, bugs, animals, etc.  So, for Christmas, he received his fair share of science "toys".

 A Crystal Growing Kit
 "Snap Circuits, Jr" which this is a picture of Space War Alarm Combo- makes great noise!
 And, a microscope which is pretty fun to look at things.

I hope Brice always has a love for learning and especially science because this actually interests me too so I'll be able to help him study!

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Janna said...

Parker loves science stuff too...he watches Sid the Science Kid on PBS. He too received a microscope...we got it out last night...he thought it was pretty cool. This is also my strong subject...hopefully he will always like it too. My SIL teaches at a science museum in AL...she always brings fun experiments...parker thinks thats awesome