Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fruit of Your Womb

Usually every Saturday or Sunday, I do Brice's religious education lesson with him.  This weekend I will be gone so I told him that we would do it today.  Today's lesson was about Mary and how God chose her to be the Mother of His Son.  Part of the lesson was praying the Hail Mary.  And part of the Hail Mary says,..."blessed be the Fruit of Your Womb, Jesus.".  When Brice heard this, he of course said, "What?" and I tried to explain to him about what the womb was and if there was product that came of the womb, it is sometimes called the fruit.

He said, "Oh, yeah, because when Jesus was really small inside, like your baby, he was the size of a fruit!". 

And, yes, this week our baby is the size of a lime!


Kelly said...

Ha! Love it :-) My favorite is when babycenter tells you that your baby is as big as a fruit I've never heard of. I used to spend 10 minutes just trying to figure out what fruit they were talking about. Ha!

Kelly said...

Wait! What??? Did I read this right?? Are there congrats to be had?