Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

 The drawing and the trap for the leprechaun.  Brice made the trap at school after reading the book, "The Night Before St. Patrick's Day".  He even laid out pennies and dimes to tempt the little man into the trap.  He told me that he had to practice staring because once you blink, he can disappear.

So after Brice went to bed last night, I took green food coloring and put some in the toilet and then used the tips of my fingers to make footprints on the toilet seat, bathroom sink, kitchen counter and his drawing.  This morning I had to work from 7am-11am, so I thought I was going to miss everything that he discovered.  Well, he must have brushed his teeth in the dark because he didn't notice the "footprints" in his bathroom.  When I got home from work, I asked Justin about it and he said Brice was very exciting to find the trap messed up and the footprints on the kitchen counter. 

Then, this afternoon, he starts yelling, "Mom, you have to come here!  The leprechaun was in my bathroom too!".  I never knew he would get this into St. Patrick's Day but I think he feels that if he doesn't believe in this, then he has to question Santa and the Easter Bunny as well.  All or nothing, in a sense.  Hope you all had a good day whether you celebrate St. Patty or not!

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