Monday, March 21, 2011

Thoughts on Gender

As we all know, this is the week!  The week that we find out what this third and final baby will be.  We are all very excited for Thursday and I can't wait to plan for our little one even more.  Last night at the dinner table, we all guessed what the baby would be:

Jennifer-girl, but hold that thought

If Brice is right, I can already hear him saying, "I was the only one right!".

I said girl mainly because of all the girl dreams I have had.  Lots of dreams and they have been very vivid and clear.  In the beginning of the pregnancy, I did have two boy dreams and then a couple weeks ago another boy dream but it was awful.  I didn't even tell Justin it was so bad.  Let's just say, it had to do with working in the NICU and seeing what I've seen in the past.

I can't really say that I have that strong of a feeling either way.  With Brice's pregnancy, I was sure from the moment I found out I was pregnant that it was a boy.  With Anna's, I was indifferent.  My pregnancies have all been very, very similar so it is hard to say.  There have been variations here and there but nothing profound like some people have.  I also think I don't have a strong feeling either way because I honestly will be happy for either.  I can't really complain having already had one of each.  What I truly want is a healthy baby, oh, and an epidural of course. :)  But seriously, I would pass on the epidural if it meant having a perfect baby.  So, here are my Thoughts on Gender,

Similarities to my pregnancy with Brice:
-Feel really big (this could just be because it's my third)
-Not REALLY nauseous in the beginning everyday

Similarities to my pregnancy with Anna:
-When nauseous, VERY nauseous, just not daily
-Don't have a feeling either way, girl or boy

The Chinese calendar says girl and it has been right with the other two.  We will see just how smart that calendar is I guess.  And, feel free to comment below on what your guess is!!  Also, I am anticipating your next question here, we do not have names picked out and I have a feeling this may take a while as well!

We find out Thursday at 3pm and we will be taking Brice with us.  After the appointment, we will be heading to a baseball game, so I will try and post that evening once we get home.  I realize this font may be hard to read but I thought it was fun for a few days and will most likely change the blog around again come Friday, pink or blue!  Here is a picture of my belly that seems to have really popped in the past two weeks!


Taryn said...

I think I already told you before, but I guess girl!! I have a knack for guessing.... I've been right with all of my friends except for like maybe 2! Either way, I am so happy for you and I can't wait for you to find out!!!!

{ang} said...

I think girl! The chinese calendar was wrong for Adam, it said he was a girl & all my symptoms pointed towards girl according to the old wives tales which is why I thought girl. I totally ignored the very vivid dream I had about a boy & girl, but I knew the boy was mine & the girl wasn't, and the boy had all the features that Adam has!! Weird!!!

Larry said...

It's a girl, no question. And you know I'm right!


Aunt Blaire said...

I'm on Brice's side. I say boy!

whitneygolden said...

Brady would like it to be a boy...but excited for you either way! Can't wait to hear the news!

Janna said...

I think BOY I'm not sure why....just a hunch
Can't wait to hear the news....either way happy and healthy and epidural for sure :)

Kelly said...

I'll be happy either way but I know it's a girl. I kind of want to say boy though just to be in Brice's camp. :-) It's totally a girl though. And I want to hear at 4PM on Thursday! :-) Ha! I will be calling my Mom on the hour!

Nana said...

I'm just excited!!! I'm thrilled either way!

chbaker said...

I am just praying for a healthy little one. I know your anxiety. I am so ready for next Wednesday too! Can't wait to hear- oh and by your picture... I think girl.