Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Post I Don't Have Time For

This is going to be short and sweet or maybe not, I may need to vent.  I shouldn't be blogging, I should be cleaning the house up or making lunches or something more productive but I don't want to do those things and here I am on the computer composing a Post I Don't Have Time For.  Kyle turned 8 weeks this past Sunday and I took a bunch of pictures and haven't even posted them.  But, I have good reason.  Anna came down with a nasty cold this past Saturday and then that turned into double ear infections.  Brice came home Monday from school with a fever which turned out to be strep throat.  And, now, Kyle has a stuffy nose and Justin and I are about to implode with the stress of having a sick infant in the house.  The memories keep rising up and the tensions have been a little high around here today.  I did take Kyle to the doctor today and right now he does just have a cold.  We tested him for RSV and also drew blood for a white count.  All looked good.  I am taking him back on Friday to make sure he is still well before the weekend arrives.  Anyway, I hate to wish time away but I want him to be bigger and older so I know that he can handle a cold.  So, if you can squeeze us all in in your nightly prayers that would be awesome.  I think it's been harder on Justin and I than it has the kids.  As they always say, kids are resilient.  Although, I do think Brice senses why Justin and I are stressed and constantly saying, "Get out of Kyle's face!".

So, here are some pictures of our sweet laid back third child.  By the way, he has gained a pound in three weeks and was 11pounds, 9ounces today!  I take him back next week as well for his two month check-up.

 He has become quite the little talker just like his siblings.  He and Justin can really get a conversation going!
 I once read you should take pictures of your child upset just like when they are smiling because you will forget what their sweet little face looked like.  I have a few of the other two being fussy and I do like having them.  He was over the tummy time in the above picture, but that afternoon returned for more fun!

And, yes he is sleeping on his tummy.  The American Academy of Pediatrics can come after me if they would like!  Sweet Dreams.


Kelly said...

Hey Jennifer! I'm thinking about y'all and will definitely keep you in my prayers. Despite the fact that Kyle has a cold, he sure is cute. I change who I think he looks like every time I see a new picture. And that baby burrito deserves an award there. You and those NICU nurses...amazing baby burrito wrappers. :-) Let me know if I can help at all. If it helps, Jack has an ear infection as well. I'm starting to think that kids are just petri dishes. Hoping for speedy recoveries for all three and maybe a strong drink or two for you and Justin :-)

Janna said...

I'm thinking about you guys...I remember how I felt when Dylan had a cold last January...I remember calling you and crying and I even slept in his room on the floor for 2 nights because all i could think about was you and Anna....and it didn't even happen to me. I can only imagine how stressed both you and Justin are. Hoping for quick recoveries for all and for Kyle to stay well. breathe in and out...this too shall pass....and BTW Dylan slept on his tummy too and he soooo looks like you :)

Nicole said...

I feel your pain...Tripp has been running a fever for two days. We were up at 4:00 am this morning running a bath to get his temp down from 103. Not fun at all and it really just breaks your heart to see your child sick.