Friday, September 2, 2011

little Momma, BIG Talker

Anna has fallen into the role of big sister quite nicely.  She lets me know EVERY time Kyle is crying, she loves to baby-talk to him, and then also likes to know what is in his diaper (not sure why she needs to know this but...).  She is quite the little Momma and will say so as well, "I Maggie's momma and you my momma and Kyle's momma and Brice's momma".  And then she will go on to ask who is my mom and Justin's mom and etc, etc.  The girl talks non-stop, asking questions and telling stories and thinking she is ten years old.  She is quite bossy at times but for some reason there are moments when even that is cute.  For instance, "You come over here and read this book to me and then I will read this other book to you.  And, you have to sit right here." (while she points to a specific spot on the couch. Don't even try to sit 1 INCH away from that spot or you will be instructed otherwise)  Where she gets this from, I have no idea?!!!  Yeah, right.  I was the exact same way, even instructing my parents which direction to cut my sandwiches!  So, she comes by it naturally, but there are moments when I want to scream!  Of course, screaming at Anna only brings tears as she is very sensitive to raised voices.  I love her but I am ready for preschool to start on Tuesday!

Here are some pictures of her being a mommy.  She has only pulled her shirt up once and "nursed" her babies.  I am kind of surprised with as much of it as she sees!

 Talking to Kyle.
 This is her doll, Maggie.
 Rocking Maggie.
 Wrapping her up in her pink blanket.
I could lie and say these were taken early in the morning but they weren't.  She stayed in her pajamas all day this day.  Some days are like that around here!  And, I apologize for the blur.  Not only is she a BIG Talker but she also never stops moving.

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Lauren said...

Haley was nursing her baby the other day too. Girls being mommies from the get go!