Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crazy Dynamic

When we found out that Kyle was on the way people would often comment how "crazy" our life was going to be.  I knew it would be busy but I already felt that we had the crazy.  A good crazy.  Anna.  The girl is crazy and when I say crazy, I mean fun.  She adds such a spark in this house and family.  Our days are filled with comments like, "Look at this face, mom." or "Isn't this silly?" while doing something ridiculous to her dolls.  While I know part of this is her age, I can't help but think that she will always be adding an element of fun to those who are around her. 

After Kyle came along and still to this day, every day is busy, without a doubt.  There is always something to be doing as far a chores or taking care of someone's needs.  But right now, Anna is down for a rare nap and Brice is reading.  Kyle is playing in his crib and yet the house seems so calm.  So, yes, having three kids is busy but without Anna there is no Crazy Dynamic.  Kind of hoping she wakes up soon...

See what I mean??  Two boys looking at the camera, and Anna looking at her next crazy move!

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Kelly said...

Ha! I can't tell you how many times Justin has said "what are you doing?" or "Mom is going to kill you." Someone has to bring the I right or am I right? :-)