Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pefect Little Combo

Even though Kyle is almost 6.5 years younger than Brice, their bond is stronger than ever.  They just adore each other and I've found them numerous times playing together while Brice is teaching Kyle about something such as shapes or colors.  They are the Perfect Little Combo...perfect baby with a perfect role model.  Before we found out that Kyle was a boy, Brice confided in me, "Mom, I've been praying that this baby is a boy, is that okay?".  I responded that of course it was okay but if he could just ask God as well to make sure that it was a healthy baby boy too, that would be great.  Now that Kyle is attempting to crawl, much to his frustration, Brice loves getting down on the floor to play with him and Kyle loves it!

 As soon as Kyle sees Brice when he gets home from school, he starts laughing at him and here he decided Brice needed a hug too.
 Brice faking his pain!
 Kyle pinning Brice...go little brother!

I can only hope that these two will always be close and that Brice will always be willing to lead Kyle and be his friend even though there is a big age gap.  And, hopefully, Kyle will be able to teach Brice a few things along the way as well, but also have a feeling we are going to hear our fair share of "Wait for me!".

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Kelly said...

Oh my goodness! That last picture...that is CUTE! All of them are cute but that last one...that one got me. :-)