Sunday, September 9, 2012

Three Days for Three Years

This year Anna is going to school three days a week.  Her first day was last Tuesday.  She did so well, no tears, no apprehension.  She will go Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday this year and I was a little surprised how well she did last week with the back-to-back-to-back days plus ballet on Friday.  Justin and I both expected her to be absolutely whipped but she was good!  A little ball of energy, that girl!  She knows almost everyone in her class from last year so I think she was excited to get to see her little friends.  She also knows the asst. teacher very well since she was her teacher last year.  The preschool has a new building with brand new everything so I am hoping they continue walking them to their classrooms for one more week.  Her class is the "M&M's" and I think she is just about the cutest M&M I've ever seen!  These are all from the very first day with her new sparkle Hello Kitty lunch box, new dress and new shoes.

Let's just say that a uniform would be very beneficial for Anna...we are going to have to start picking out her outfit the night before, at three years old, Lord help me!!!!

Oh, and yes, Kyle senses that the other two are not around and while I can tell he is looking for them, he also is loving having my undivided attention.  And, he loves going in their rooms and checking it out without any one yelling at him to "Get out, Kyle, Mom, he's touching my stuff!!".  I just let him explore and then put it back when he's done.

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Janna said...

Wink Wink....I do the same thing