Saturday, September 29, 2012

14 Months: Vocabulary Explosion

Normally, I wouldn't do a post for a fourteen month "birthday" but Kyle has just been so much fun,especially these last few weeks.  Now that he has completely mastered walking, with shoes on as well, his mind has turned to words!!  His little vocabulary has just exploded in the past two weeks.  Last week he said five new words in one day!  He won't always repeat them on demand but it's like he will try a new one out and then store it away for another day.

His words include:  car, shoes, trees, sky, cup, up, stinky (tink-tee), bus, bike, bye-bye, bat, outside (ow-sigh), cracker and then the ones he already said mama, dada, Brice (Bice), Anna, ball

He also knows several animal sounds: cat, dog (his favorite), sheep, cow, duck and not an animal but will say tick-tock when asked what a clock "says".

So proud of our little dude.  Also, I need to video this but when Justin asks him to give him a hug, he will go to him with arms wide open, and wrap them around his neck and bury his head in Justin's shoulder.  It's so sweet and cute!

Little booger was acting all pitiful one afternoon, so I got him up out of his crib, thinking he didn't feel good.  Two seconds later after he was on my lap and watching cartoons, he was giggling.  I took a couple of pictures with my phone and then put him back to bed!

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