Thursday, February 14, 2013

Change of Heart??

So, I did get a little bit more into Valentine's Day this year.  I mean, I still didn't want flowers or chocolates or anything from Justin but when my mom offered to keep the kids last night so we could go out, I jumped on it.  We seriously haven't been on a date since October I think.  How sad is that?  We just don't have a sitter or at least one that we would want to have to keep up with our crew!  I hope our views change come this summer when Kyle isn't such a threat to his own life!  So, Justin and I had a really nice dinner last night and then ran a couple of errands for our birthday boy!!!

But,  I did a few things around the house to "celebrate".  Sort of.  I found some cheap decorations at Target and did the craft one myself.  I needed a little "happy" one morning when it had been pouring rain for three days straight.  I then, I found these mailboxes and coupons all for a dollar at Target so I made those for the kids.  They thought it was fun when they saw their flag up on their mailbox.  So, you might say I've had a Change of Heart about Valentine's Day, I mean a very slight change but still a change.

 Kyle's "love letters" strewn across the floor.  Or napkins rather...  He loves this shirt, "Pu-ppy".  He says it perfectly and then today he looked at it and said "heart".  He melts me!

 This girl loves this girly girl holiday!

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