Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kyle-18 Months

Our crazy man is 18 months old!  He is all boy, loves to wrestle and play and still is loyal to the balls and cars around the house.  His vocabulary grows everyday.  He had a great check-up today.  He weighs 27 lbs. 8 oz. (70%) and is 34.75 inches tall (96%).  Had to get three shots and handled it very well.  Kyle is exhausting mentally and physically everyday but I know that just means that he is a healthy little boy!!

Kyle still loves to eat, mainly bananas and crackers with a cup of milk.
He has about 25-30 words.
Wears mostly 24 month clothes and size 7 shoe.
Eyes are the exact same color as Justin's!
Here are a couple of Brice, above and below from 18 months.  He weighed exactly the same but was 3/4 an inch taller.

Kyle loves his left middle finger and blankie when he is tired.
Loves to read books and throw things (we are working on this).
His most famous reaction when mad is to spit.  It drives me insane but I am trying to learn to ignore it.
He wants to be outside all the time, unless hungry.

Here is chicken little when she was 18 months...22lbs 11oz and 33.75 inches.

Kyle has all of his teeth as you can see.  The last one has just popped through in the past two weeks.  After he gets his two year old molars, he will be set until he turns six!  I am just praying he can keep all his teeth in his mouth until he starts losing them.  He is rough and tumble most of the time, has pulverized a glass vase, will throw his body into just about anything, loves to spin in circles, and still gives the best hugs ever!

Also, I posted pictures for Anna's birthday if you want to go back and look through them.  It was my favorite party so far.  Click HERE for the post.

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