Saturday, February 16, 2013

Laser Tag Birthday Party

This year Brice wanted a Laser Tag birthday party and then to have two friends spend the night.  This was the first time I've had someone spend the night but he has been at someone else's house before.  Since the kids were out of school Friday I figured why not have it that afternoon and give the parents a break!  So, the boys were dropped off at our house around 2:30 and then we headed to the laser tag place.  It is dark in the actual area where they play so I don't have any pictures of that but in between games of tag, they were given tokens to play the video/arcade games on.  Anna and Kyle had a fun time too.

 Joseph, Tyler and Brice.
 Brice, Ethan and Stephen
 Kyle REALLY wanted to play with a basketball.
 Kyle loved him some skee ball...

 Score comparison after a game of tag.
 The Marauder's Map (Harry Potter) from Nana and Pa.  His two friends, Joseph and Teddy to his left have also read the books.
Anna and Kyle loved this dance game.

Happy 8th Birthday, Brice!!!  We love you so much.  Your mind never ceases to amaze me and your thoughtful personality is one of the qualities I love most about you as your Mom.  You are a typical first child leaving a lot for Anna and Kyle to live up to.  You do not like to be late!  You are pretty well rounded loving everything from riding your bike to baseball to video games to reading.  I just looked at the clock and it's official, 4:45pm, you are EIGHT!!!  Thanks for being such an awesome kid and making me a Mommy.  Love you, kid!

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