Friday, March 8, 2013

Cub Scouts

I don't really talk about Cub Scouts on here because it does take a back seat to sports, however, Brice has really enjoyed it this year and I'm glad we joined.  Since Justin handles 99% of sports, I am in charge of Cub Scouts.  This is kind of difficult though because there is only so much I can do and let's be real here, I'm not a camper.  And, so, my Dad has jumped in quite a bit, especially when it comes to building things.

A couple of weeks ago, Brice was awarded his Wolf badge which is what he has worked for this past school year.  He didn't do it last year which was Tiger but caught up where he was behind.  So, there was a dinner and little ceremony for the awarding of badges and then the fifth graders earned their Arrow of Light plaques.  But, since the beginning of the school year we have had weekly meetings, my Dad built a birdhouse with Brice that I had trouble with (laugh if you want) and Pinewood Derby car.  Brice also participated in a clean up day at our neighborhood.

I tried to be good and take pictures because he looks so cute (he would die if he knew I used that word to describe him, but it's true) in his uniform.

 At lake clean up day.  He really had a great time and found an old gas tank.

Pinewood Derby cars.  Brice and my Dad worked hard on his car.  Then, on the original race day, they had to postpone the race because we had "ice" and school was canceled the day before.  I blogged about that before.  Anyway, the weekend they rescheduled it on was the weekend that my parents, Kyle and I went to Charlotte so we didn't even get to see it!  Thankfully, Justin took some good pictures for us.  Brice's car would have placed 4th so they did a good job!
 Brice's is the red car, #2.

 Sorry these are so fuzzy, Justin took them with his phone and the lights were dim in the gym at school.  This is when he received the Wolf Badge.
 So proud of our Cub Scout.  And, tomorrow is his first game as a "Boston" Red Sock, so I will leave the Cub Scout background up for a little bit and then change to either baseball or my favorite, Easter!!!  Probably Easter, this is MY blog after all.  Also our Cub Scout baseball player is 69 lbs. (86%) and 54 inches tall (93%).  Three more inches till he doesn't have to use a booster seat in the car...think he'll get there before next school year??  I do!

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