Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Boices and Volabucary

So, my intention with starting this blog was to journal a little bit. This post may be more for me to look back upon rather than for you all to read. But, it may entertain you as well.

One of the attributes I will most about my children being little is their voices. So sweet and so little sounding. When I am with Brice on a daily basis, I feel as though he speaks like a grown up. But every so often I speak to him over the telephone and his voice makes him sound so little, which he is. Sometimes I have to remind myself that he IS little even though he thinks and acts much older!

Obviously Anna doesn't speak yet and I know she will eventually come up with some funny words, sayings, and comments. For now, I will just mention a few of the things Brice says.

As you can see from the title of this post, letters in words do get mixed up around here. I will here him substitute "b", "d", and "v" for each other. He has gotten better about this but it used to be a "bacuum" instead of "vacuum". Also, one could use the "merote" in order to turn on the TV! This is one of my and Justin's favorites! He used to call the vacuum attachments, a "beazer"???? Don't ask me! Then, it became the "vacuum detergent" instead of attachment. Maybe this is because the vacuum is in the laundry room with the laundry detergent.

And of course, all of his "r"s and "l"s sound like "w". Which is weally weally twicky when you are talking about our previous neighbors "Wiwy and Wauwa" (Lily and Laura). For some reason the "sk" or "sc" gets him too. School sounds like "sool". Ski is "si".

He also went through a phase where he liked to use words ending in "ly". Suddenly, eventually, actually. Of course, they all ended sounding like "we". Suddenwe, eventuawe, actuawe!

Sometimes he would make up words, which he doesn't do so much anymore and I would ask him "What are you saying?" He would reply with, "It's a wowrd"! Like he is Mr. Webster himself and wrote the dang dictionary!

Lately though, his favorite phrase is "Speaking of..." No matter what we are talking about he comes up with another subject but introduces it with "Speaking of Disney Worwld..." or so on and so forth.

I also like the changing of verbs. Instead of "does", he'll say, "watch what he dooze"! Or, "Listen to what he sayes (long "a" sound)".

Of course, there are the times he has come up with some funny things. The other day Justin and I were talking about my whole delivery with Anna and how when I got in the car and poor little Brice was already strapped in and ready for the wild ride to Northside Hospital he asked me when I got in, "Where's Anna?". As much pain as I was in at that moment I just laughed and told him she was still in my tummy (Thank God!!). Then on the way down I-85, he looks at Justin and says, "Daddy?". Justin was thinking oh no what is he going to ask me and how am I going to answer it!

"What buddy?"

"Did you know that me and Mommy got Wittle Mermaid fwom Bwockbusta today?". Justin was totally relieved that this was what was going through his mind as his mother was in the ceiling of the car trying to breath through each contraction!

All of this learning of the English language is very tricky so I completely understand how verbs get switched around and letters interchanged. It does however make watching them grow up very amusing. I wish I could just bottle up his little voice and then when he hits puberty and his voice changes, I could let a little bit of it out so I could hear what he used to sound like.


Pa said...

And I am named "Pa" because Brice couldn't say "Grandpa" when he was really little. He shortened it to "Pa", which will forever be what my grandkids call me.

Jennifer said...

That's right! Lucky kids! Kelly and Greg's kids will have no choice!