Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Happenings

Anna is now 9 pounds 5 ounces! She is doing great. She takes three naps a day and is almost sleeping through the night. Last week she slept from 9:30-7am four nights in a row. I thought she was going to continue but then the next night she woke up around 4am. Since then she has woken up each morning around 4 or 5 and sucks down four ounces in no time flat! She then goes back to sleep until around 8am. Personally, I prefer last week's schedule! We'll get there I know. With Brice once I KNEW he could go through the night, I MADE him do it. So mean, I know. With her, I just don't know if I should do this because of her weight gain issues.

When she's awake though, she is so darling. Cooing, smiling and kicking her little chicken legs! She adores Justin and every time he talks to her, she just lights up. Definitely a Daddy's girl. Brice also loves to talk to her in a very high pitched voice which is hilarious. He calls her sweetie, sweetie pea, cupcake and tells her good morning after each nap. I have taken her outside the past couple of days because the weather has been so nice. When the wind blows, she coos and kicks her legs. So, she is doing everything she is supposed to. While I don't want to wish the time away, I can't wait for her to be sitting up on her own so she can really watch Brice play.

Look what I found outside! Sitting in her bouncy seat enjoying the fresh air and her fist!

Brice is definitely a four year old now. Attitude! I don't know how Jon and Kate Plus 8 deal with SIX of them! And when it's not the attitude, it's the whining. Needless to say, at the end of the day, Justin and I are ready for quiet! Brice is enjoying the weather too but I think he is most excited about our trip to Disney World. Justin and I booked our trip last week for the end of April and Brice is SO excited! He asks questions every day about going and asked me this morning, "Mom, what time does our flight leave for Disney World?, lunch time, dinner time?". I just laughed because he used the word "flight" instead of "plane". Anyway, Brice still loves school and tells me everything that went on each day, when he is in the mood! He enjoyed a trip to the Georgia Aquarium this past weekend with his godfather, Jonathan. I wish we lived closer because he just loves it there and could stay for hours. Anna and I hung out with my parents, Blaire, and Kristen and then everyone had dinner together once Jonathan and Brice got home.

As for Justin and I, we are doing well. I am trying to get myself back into shape. The weather has helped inspire me now that I can go outside and walk. I guess the thing that stresses me out the most is keeping up with the house. Would love to do a deep spring cleaning of the base boards but haven't found the time. So, all is well in the Reynolds' household on most days. Thanks for keeping up with our blog!

This is a picture of Brice climbing the hill to the yard of the house next to us. The house is still for sale. And it may stay for sale if any lookers see him out on the side of the yard, hurling his dodge balls down the hill!

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