Monday, March 30, 2009

Lub, Dub and a "Roar" in Between

I took the one above from our scale at home. Look at that sweet naked baby!

So, today Anna had a follow up appointment with Dr. S, her cardiologist. We got all good news!! Yea, Anna! Her weight is now 10lbs, 6 oz and her length is 23.5 inches. This puts her in the 10th and 50th percentiles, respectively. Like I told the nurse, maybe she won't have to shop in the petites like her mother. Also, let's remember that Justin was seven ounces heavier and an inch longer than this AT BIRTH. Okay, let's all have a moment of silence for Nana (Robin). God bless her.

Anyway, Dr. S. was very pleased with her growth and when I laid her on my lap for him to listen to her, he said, "Is that a double chin?". Why, yes, it is!!! We're so proud of her extra chin. He listened to her and asked me if I had listened to her. I told him yes and he said, "She does have a roarin' murmur." which means that the VSD is small. He also said there is no liver enlargement and that she looked very comfortable breathing. We will follow up with him in three months! Justin and I are so very excited about this news. I say a prayer every night when I am putting her to bed for God to place his hands on her and close it and I feel as though these prayers are working.

On another note. As some of you know, a couple of weeks ago my mom took herself to the ER because she was having chest pains. Everything checked out okay at the ER but they did want her to have a stress test done. She had a "nuclear" stress test done today and everything checked out clear there as well! Thank the Lord! Anyway, after her test she came up to surprise Brice and when we got home from school today, she was waiting for him on the back deck. As Brice will tell you though, she was not allowed to hug him because of the radiation exposure risk. Brice said, "I'll just have to give her an extra hug the next time I see her!" I'm sure she won't mind, buddy!

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legs down and spread please I love baby p=ssy let me see it nice n close