Thursday, August 6, 2009

60 Years

This picture was taken at my rehearsal dinner in 2002. I wish I had a picture from their wedding day to share. Oh well.

Happy 60th wedding anniversary to my sweet grandparents! Today they celebrate a long time of holy matrimony the way God intended. They were married in St. Louis in 1949 and spent their entire lives there, with the exception of about 6 months when they were here in Atlanta after my Grandma's stroke. They have supported each other through thick and thin and can't go one day without being with the other. They have watched two daughters, three granddaughters and one grandson grow up and been there for all of those important events in between. They still have their moments of frustrations with each other and Grandma still rolls her eyes at the things Grandpa says and does but she still gives him a kiss every morning and every night. I love that they love each other this much and have seen each other through triumph and tragedy. Isn't this the kind of love that we all dream of when we find that special person? My only fear is that when one of them leaves this earth, the other will not be far behind. And isn't this the way it should be? I think so.

So, HAPPY 60TH ANNIVERSARY, Grandma and Grandpa! What an accomplishment this year is and what an inspiration you are to all married couples! We love you!

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