Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Advice from Brice

I was trying to decide which pair of running shorts to keep, black or pink.

Me: "Which ones do you like, Brice?"

Brice:"The black ones."

Me: "Yea, but I already have some black ones, so I think I'll keep the pink ones."

Brice: "Oh, why don't you just think about it after you sleep tonight."

So, I will go to sleep tonight and decide in the morning. Probably not bad advice considering I've had a headache all day and been worried about him with a 102.7 temperature. Of course, 1 hour after Tylenol, he was dancing around, consuming a biscuit, banana, applesauce, and an Oreo, and being reminded fifteen million times to "GET OUT OF ANNA'S FACE!". I wish he understood the concept of germs!

I'll keep you posted on the running shorts.


Anonymous said...

love it!! keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious....where do they come up with this stuff?

Pa said...

Has Brice been working out? He looks ripped in this picture.