Sunday, May 2, 2010

MAY...we just take this month one day at a time!

(this picture has nothing to do with this post but it makes me laugh!)

Our month of May is super busy this year! We of course have been anticipating the wedding for almost a year now and here we are! I am so excited for the end of May because of Blaire and Josh but have so much going on before hand. And I changed the blog background to daisies, the flower for May.

First, the birthdays!
May 2nd-Grandma, today! She is 82 and doing so well. I miss her everyday and wish it was possible that we lived in the same state. Although, I am a terrible granddaughter and will be sending her a belated card. In the words of my good friend Rachel, "it's hard when people have birthdays at the beginning of the month because you don't realize it until you flip the calendar". This was her excuse one year because she forgot to send my card which is also on the 2nd of the month! Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!

May 13th- The Uncles, Bud and Greg. Uncle Greg is a father this year and Uncle Bud has a big birthday as well! Can you guess? He will be 90 this year! I think that is so cool. I know that people always say, "let's stop counting" or "I don't want to celebrate" but come on! This is awesome to me so I say, "Enjoy your day!".

May 20th-Aunt Kelly! And can we just say that Kelly should get mother of the year this year for Mother's Day and her birthday. She has been through it with Jack and is doing a great job. I loved the first birthday I had being a mom and hope Kelly does too!

May 29th-Jonathan! Also the wedding day. What better way to celebrate than a wedding?!!! Happy Birthday to the Godfather!

If I forgot someone's birthday, I apologize. I used to NEVER forget someone's birthday. But after two kids, my brain is disintegrating.

Second, we have just stuff going on this month: Parent/teacher end of the year conferences, Muffins with Mom, Mother's Day, Graduation, the last day of school party, T-ball tournament, dentist appointments...

Third, Justin and I are going to the Dominican Republic for a few days (12th -15th) for his rewards trip for work. I guess that is what you call it. I have a feeling all the men are going to be working there since no one will be home and working. So, I feel like it defeats the purpose. Not to mention, Justin is already planning to return early because of the T-ball tournament. I can't get that man to leave the computer and blackberry for one minute, which of course is why we are able to go on the trip but still...
I am not sure what to expect but am imagining Puerto Rico only in French. I also am wondering if there are going to be a lot of the Haiti earthquake victims there. I will post pics when time allows!

And then on the 26th I leave for Charlotte to help Blaire and Mom with last minute details. And also, to primp. A girl's gotta do whatta girl's gotta do! I am so excited for this month but also a little stressed. Therefore, I will just keep the mindset One Day At A Time!


{ang} said...

We went to the Dominican on our honeymoon & LOVED IT!! I'm jealous! Oh, and by the way, they speak French in Haiti but Spanish in the Dominican. The city we were in was Puenta Cana, and we had a wonderful resort with a wonderful beach, although I hear some resorts have rocky beaches, so hopefully you'll get a good one. Oh, and it's beautiful but you'll definitely want to stick close to the resort. Not an exploring kind of place. Have fun!

Kelly said...

Thanks Jen! So excited for y'all to go to the Dominican. I'm waiting for Greg to get back tonight to hear stories and see pics! Also, so excited for Blaire! I know she will be a beautiful bride!