Monday, May 24, 2010

Pirates' Season Ends in Heartbreaker

Our little Pirate's season has ended. They made it all the way to the Championship in the tournament. All the way to the final inning after tying it up and the Braves scored that one run before the Pirates could get three outs. The boys had so much fun and I think the dads were sadder to see the season end than the boys! After the game, they were given their trophies which is all Brice could talk about. And then Saturday night they had a bowling party with cookie cake. How fun is that?Receiving his first "golden trophy". This is what he calls it and I think it is so cute. He ended up getting one from the league for placing 2nd and then one from the team. They are now sitting on his bed shelf so he can admire them every night!

I love this picture, it brings tears to my eyes, my two boys with their arms around each other after playing baseball.
Go Pirates!!!

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Kelly said...

I love that pic of Justin and Brice. Too cute! One of many golden trophys I'm sure! :-)