Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Muffins with Mom

Today was Muffin with Mom. It was nice. Brice had a gift for me at his seat when we got there and wanted me to open it right away. A frame with his picture with puzzle pieces glued on the sides that said, "I love you to pieces", some potpourri for my closet and a card with his hand print. Then the class sang to us a song about Mommy's to the Oscar Meyer theme song. So they actually all know now how to spell Mommy and I. love. you. And then of course, the muffins which were minis. I ate one, Anna ate one and then Brice had to have two because he was "starving and I told you I needed a big breakfast, Mom". I wouldn't make biscuits at home but just gave him a bowl of cereal since I knew we would be eating more at school. Apparently I could've taken him to IHOP for the Rudy Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity!

That was it. I am becoming a little sad at the thought of only having days left of driving him to school. This morning when the school bus drove away, the thought crossed my mind that in a few short months, he will be on that bus and gone for the whole day. It is just weird to me. My first born, that I have taken to a preschool for four years of his life, will just be getting on the Big Cheese. Hopefully, he will still say "cheese" for moments like below...

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