Monday, August 2, 2010

Beach Trip 2010

We had an awesome week down in Panama City! To say it was hot and humid is an understatement. Some of my pictures are hazy because the lens kept fogging up. And, I'll be honest, it was so hot, I didn't feel like taking lots of pictures. And when you're not feeling it, you can't push it! I do think I captured the moments though enough to give you an idea of what we did while we were there. Lots of swimming, digging, and eating!Playing on the beach. Anna did not stand in the sand, ONCE. She only sat on the beach chairs or sat on a towel on the sand. One word: DIVA.
It was super windy the night we ate at Sharky's. I just kind of threw Anna's hair back the best I could to keep the knots to a minimum.
Acting a little crazy.
Brice used to be able to stand up straight in the shark's mouth. He has grown too much.

She is wet from the pool, not the ocean. Again, would draw her legs up and cling to me if I tried to take her in the ocean. The waves were pretty rough the first couple of days we were there.
Anna's new word for the trip was "cuncreen". She enjoyed having the sunscreen spread all over her and then wanted to pretend she was doing it herself.
Brice's first airbrush T-shirt. He picked out the colors by himself. And wore it to dinner two nights in a row.
The highlight of Justin's beach trip was taking Brice on a five hour fishing trip for the first time. Although they didn't catch many fish (no one on the boat did because they were only allowed to go out 9 miles rather than 15 due to the oil spill), they had a great time together and a couple nights later we walked down to the marina and Brice was proudly showing off "his boat" and exactly where they sat. I think that was a run-on sentence, sorry.

Anna and me at Schooners. The girl dipped her fries in tartar sauce and colored like a mad woman. She also didn't flinch when they shot the cannon at sunset. I think we have a beach girl on our hands.

Brice challenged Pa to a race. Pa, the one who had just run five miles that morning. I know who won but I won't say it aloud. ;)

Lieutenant Dan!! Sorry, I said it when they buried his legs and I'm saying it again.

Hanging out in the condo wearing big brother's shoes.
Breakfast on the balcony. I love doing this and so did Anna.
Our view in the mornings, very early mornings.

Brice enjoyed digging holes deep enough for his legs to be buried.
Robin's drink of choice. Diet coke, Whiskey and a lime. She ain't playin' around, folks.
Do you know where this is???? Captain Anderson's!! Brice loves these divers and Anna wasn't afraid. She climbed up in that seat no problem.

Waiting at Captain Anderson's. Justin's face says, "We better get seated soon or our kids are gonna lose it!". The kids did great even with the wait. Justin, on the other hand...
More waiting...
..but so worth the wait! Yummy dinner and even more yummy desserts!!
He wanted his picture by the cannon.
Aunt Kelly became "the next best thing" when I wasn't around. Anna was extremely attached to me this trip and didn't want to swim with anyone else if I was there.

Anna laughing hysterically at Brice blowing bubbles.

At Margaritaville, Brice's favorite.
Getting tickled by the Pa-monster. Luckily we didn't wake Jack up. And, yes, I got to hold Jack this time! My camera batteries died at the end of the trip so I was lucky to get as many shots as I did. Until next year!!

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Kelly said...

We had so much fun. I want to go back! And to my Mom's defense, I helped her drink a bit of that whiskey. I'll admit to that :-) I love the pic of me and Anna...even though she was desperately swimming to go see Mommy. We got at least 30 minutes of Anna/Kehyee time in before that though :-)