Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

This year was so fun! Brice was an evil jester and we decided to dress Anna as Cindy Lou Who. Awesome job by my mom who made the costume! Most people knew who she was and loved it! I only wish one of us had dressed up as the Grinch!
This girl was all about the trick or treating! Didn't want to be carried and didn't want anyone carrying her ghost bucket. She would walk away from one house, say bye-bye and then say, "more ca-cies" (candy)! Brice thought he could out-stare or out-scare this guy.
Both kids did our entire street and then we brought Anna home while Brice did another street. It was his first year doing more than one street and he loved it despite one haunted house.

All the grandparents came with dinner (thanks, mom) and snacks (thanks, Robin) and then handed out candy for us! So, we had to trick or treat at our own house!

Checking out her candy on the couch.
Brice made it back home where he proceeded to stuff four pieces of chocolate down his throat in about three minutes!


Katie and Dave said...

I am so in love with Cindy Lou who! What an awesome idea, I have never seen one before! So so cute!

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, that cindy lou who is so adorable!!! Brice did look pretty scary:)!

Kelly said...

Looks like they had so much fun and got quite the loot! Brice looks very cool and that pic of Anna...she even has the innocent look down of "Why? Why are you taking down our Christmas tree?" Too cute!