Thursday, July 28, 2011

Even Though I'm a Pepsi Girl...

...Justin dropped us off at the World of Coca~Cola yesterday in an attempt to keep us cool, entertained and close by in case Kyle decided he wanted to make his entrance.  Justin had a meeting downtown that he needed to go to and figured this was the best way to handle all involved.  It was nice to have the day planned for me!  All Brice cared about really was getting to the taste-test part and really would have been happy had I gone straight to a Coke machine, put a dollar in and pulled out a good old-fashioned Coca~Cola.  He did try about seven or eight different drinks from around the world and decided he just liked Coke from Atlanta the best.  Anna took part as well trying only the "pink cokes", one that was acai berry and then another that was "more red".  And Even Though I'm a Pepsi Girl and would prefer plain Pepsi over a Coke any day of the year, I do enjoy Cherry Coke.  Although, due to a large bump on the front of me, I have not been able to eat or drink a lot (especially carbonation) the past few days without feeling very sick to my stomach.  So, I tried a few drinks from around the world as well and then called it quits.  We were there for about two hours and I think Anna had the most fun and she got in free!  Her favorite parts were seeing the polar bear and then seeing all the pictures of Santa with his Cokes!  Brice's favorites were trying the Coke, bringing home his own bottle of it to drink today, and seeing the Braves' display.

 Clearly, Anna wanted to sit on this couch by herself.  This couch was used on the set of American Idol during the 2005 season.

 With his souvenir Coke!

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