Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jack and Jill

In our house, we have a Jack and Jill set-up on one end of the hallway.  And, even though we have a "Jack" and a "Jill", the two "Jacks" will end up together sharing a bathroom.  And, a dirty bathroom it will be in a couple of years!  It did make it easy that Kyle was a boy since Brice already had one of the Jack and Jill rooms and the other was the playroom.  All that was needed was to move the toys out in order to make Kyle's room, a bedroom.  Otherwise, we would have had some major rearranging going on at some point in our lives.

I wanted to post pictures of Kyle's room but it is not quite complete.  My sweet friend, Aubrey, who I went to college with, painted some pictures for Anna's room and I had some ordered for Kyle as well.  Well, Aubrey, who was due August 1st with her second baby, up and decided that she needed to deliver a few weeks early!  How dare she, right?!  Obviously, nothing can be done about this and I will just have to wait for those pictures.  So, in the meantime I am going to hold you over with some pictures of Brice's room.  He is always rearranging his "things" on his dresser and the shelves on his bed.  I will post pictures soon of Kyle's room without the "Aubrey pictures".  You didn't think you were going to get to see all of it at once did you?  This will keep you all coming back for more!

Brice is an animal lover as you can tell from all the animals placed high and low in his room, along with the pictures on the walls.  And, yes, he still sleeps with Pi the panda bear every night.  Shhh, don't tell him I told you.

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whitneygolden said...

I like Brice's room and look forward to seeing Kyle's. Looks like I got my Aubrey pictures just in time!!