Saturday, August 27, 2011

Reasons I am Spoiled-#2 Push Present

After the birth of each of our children, Justin has done very well with Push Presents (whether I pushed 3 hours, 3 times or 30 minutes!).  I have received a necklace for each baby a diamond cross for Brice, a tourlamine stone for Anna (her birthstone), and now this necklace for Kyle.  Justin wasn't quite sure if he should buy something ruby (which is Kyle's birthstone) or the birthstone for August since he was scheduled to arrive on August 1st.  I just love this necklace.  Not sure if you can tell from the picture but it is gold with pink stones.  Very summery for our summer baby.  The plan is for the boys to give their necklace to their wife, if she wants it, and then for Anna to wear hers.  I did not ask for any of these and was totally shocked when Justin gave me Brice's.  I was also surprised to receive one after Anna because she was born so close to Christmas and Justin always does well with Christmas gifts.  He does well with all jewelry I must say.  I have never picked something specific out with him.  I can give two or three hints if there is something I want and then he delivers, spectacularly!  So, again, I am spoiled.

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Nicole said...

Love, love , love it. So pretty! Justin did a great job! Rob surprised me with diamond earrings for Tripp's birth. I seriously wear them everyday and I plan to give them to Tripp's wife as well. I'm glad you're spoiled. You deserve it!