Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Anna's 3 year Stats

Our little Anna is not so little anymore!  I took her on the 27th for her check-up.  She was not very chatty but Dr. J knows her from Kyle's appointments so she knows that she does talk quite a bit when it's not her in the spotlight.  Everything checked out great and I'm not sure if I had mentioned it before but she also had a cardiology check up on the 5th of December.  It was her best appointment yet and they don't want to see her until Summer of 2013.  Wahoo!  Makes my heart feel good.  So, she is healthy, healthy and the only thing we have to work on is her sassy-ness and middle of the night visits. 

Her weight was 32 lbs, 8oz (67%) and her height was 38.25 inches (70%).  She is turning into a square!  Kidding of course, but this is the highest percentile her weight has ever been.  I looked up Brice's stats and he was a square, 39 lbs and 39 inches!  This was also his highest percentage as far as weight, must be a three year old thing.  Anyway, that is all for now, just wanted to let inquiring minds know.  We are getting ready for Kyle's baptism tomorrow and will have lots of family here for it.  Below are the daily shananigans of Anna.  Typical outfit, holding a wand and Brice putting a pencil in front of the lens while I take the picture...

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