Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals of 2012

Are you wondering where I have been?  I am alive and have Christmas pictures, but I feel like it was ages ago now because we have been putting decorations away and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.  I have packed up so much and reorganized rooms and closets.  I think I worked 12 hours straight on New Year's Eve so that meant I did NOT stay up to see the ball drop.  I am kind of sad to see 2011 go.  It was such an awesome year for our family. 
We completed it and in the best way possible.  Kyle.  He has completed our family and at the same time filled up my heart all over again.  He turned five months old on the 31st and his little personality is just emerging and he is still the happiest, calmest baby I have ever been around.  There are nights when I put him in the crib and tear up knowing that he is my last and for sure my last.  Side story real quick:  Went to the mall with my mom the day after Christmas and saw a lady who was very pregnant and I did not envy her one. little. bit.  When you know, you know, right?  I know.  Anyway, that doesn't make it any easier that this sweet baby is making it hard to watch him grow so fast!

I also haven't blogged because the last time I did, I tried to change one of the sidebar pictures of Kyle and it told me I was at my limit.  I am going to try and post pictures on this post and see if it will allow me to do that.  I have contacted a couple of people about this issue and also about turning what I have blogged into a book.  So, my near future posts may be few and far between.  One of my goals this year is to: Stay off the computer and be in my life more.  Sometimes I feel as though I am too caught up in preserving all these memories instead of just enjoying them.  I love taking pictures and being able to look back at them and also all the scrapbooks I do. Goal #2:  complete some (3) scrapbooks.  Goal #3: Sit back and enjoy-this kind of goes hand in hand with Goal #1 but I don't feel like I have to concentrate all of my energy on growing another human being and all the concerns that go with that.  I just want to let my body be.  Not that I am just going be a blob, I do plan to work out more.  Goal #4:  Do for others and involve the kids in this.  (I am open for suggestions on this such as what has worked for you, what your kids have enjoyed doing, etc.)  I am trying to be realistic about these goals so we will see what happens.

 Kyle in the exersaucer..he loves it and jabbers the whole time he is in it!

 At Justin's Nana's house.  Did realize how grumpy Anna looks.  Oops.
 Jack stopped bouncing like Tigger long enough to get in a picture!
 At my parents' for Christmas Eve dinner.

 Not only did she get a Sleeping Beauty dress, she also got a Belle dress=lots of costume changes going on.  The girl is a fashionista!

Brice's favorite gift of the night...Harry Potter legos of Hogwarts.  He did awesome building the first two of three parts.  Then he tried to connect the two and they fell apart.  Guess who finished it yesterday??

 None of my pictures of Christmas morning were post-worthy so here we are at the Reynolds on Christmas morning. 
 Pa got Brice tickets to a Georgia basketball game where the Dawgs went to OT and won!  What a lucky kid.

And since Christmas has been over, I have been trying to keep the kids busy but I'm just going to say that we are all over being around each other.  We need to resume normal life!  School. Work. Sleep.  What have you...18 days of freedom is too dang long!  Here is a picture of Anna from New Years about pent up energy!


{ang} said...

You have the cutest kids!! Please tell Anna to send some of that energy to me.

An idea to throw out there for helping others. Ben & I decided to pick a name off of the Salvation Army tree in our mall as our Christmas gift to each other. It gives you the child's first name, age, and their wish list. Of course, we decided this too late & ended up missing the deadline, but we're definitely doing it next year. We also decided that when Adam and future kids get older we would let them pick a child from the tree, and ask them if they would be okay with "giving up" a little of their Christmas so we could give another child Christmas. We thought it would be fun to pick kids around their same sex & age at the time and get them involved with selecting the gifts, etc. I know that would only apply to Christmas idea & don't know if it would work as well in practice as theory, but I got really excited about the possibility. Just passing along!

Kelly said...

I thought Justin was too big for exersaucers...:-) Too cute! Loved spending Christmas with y'all.